Session 1:
Value creation from pelagic and demersal fisheries (Industry Session)


Bigger production units in pelagic fish area – herring, mackerel and blue whiting - and especially VAS


Bogi Jacobsen, Managing Director CEO

Description/ overview:

In June 2017 Varðin Pelagic was devastated by a fire, and the entire factory was consumed by flames. A complete rebuild from scratch was required in order to get Varðin Pelagic up and running again. Although production came to a complete stop, there was silver lining to the tragedy. The disaster offered a unique opportunity to take the entire processing plant back to the drawing board and use the knowledge and experience gain from old factory to build a new and enhanced factory in its place. The presentation will show how the new Varðin Pelagic is optimized to maximize production efficiency, preserve product quality and add product value.


Bogi Jacobsen is the Managing Director of the pelagic processing plant, Varðin Pelagic. Bogi holds a degree as a shipmaster. Before he became director of Varðin Pelagic in 2012, he was the captain of one of Varðin’s fishing vessels. In 2014 Bogi Jacobsen was elected board chairman of the Faroese Employers Association. 

Institute/ organisation:

Varðin Pelagic