Micro plastics in seafood, mega worries but a negligible health risk


Prof dr. AJ Murk (Tinka)

Description/ overview:

Marine plastics are a big problem in the oceans and kill thousands of marine animals by clogging of intestines or entanglement. In addition these macro plastics cause big economic problems worldwide.
Marine micro plastics receive a lot of attention and it is suggested they are very dangerous for marine animals and via seafood also for human health. These claims will be unravelled and discussed.


Tinka Murk is full professor Marine Animal Ecology at Wageningen University and European registered toxicologist. For Wageningen University and Research she developed a vision for the WUR innovation program called TripleP@Sea and subsequently led this program (2012-2015). She is chair of the Scientific advisory board of the North Sea foundation  and highly involved in reef restauration projects in collaboration with local communities for biodiversity enhancement and sustainable provision of seafood (REEFolution Kenya). Important mission is debunking of mass-mediated hypes by explaining the meaning of publically available information. A successful example of this was the analysis of mass media reports suggesting that pangasius  is ‘full of poison’ while all available information shows this fish was totally safe to eat.


Marine Animal Ecology Group; Wageningen University, The Netherlands