Session 1:
Value creation from pelagic and demersal fisheries (Industry Session)


Exploring/Unleashing business opportunities within new marine resources and advanced biorefining


Ole J. Marvik, Special Advisor for Life Sciences at Innovation Norway

Description/ overview:

The talk will discuss fundamental drivers, opportunities and obstacles related to industrialization of biobased value chains, with examples from the marine sector, including mesopelagic organisms.


Ole J. Marvik, Special Advisor for Life Sciences at Innovation Norway, the main Government agency for industry development. Marvik is the founder and former CEO of the antibody therapeutics company Affitech and co-founder of several other life science companies. He has been active in industry policy through many board and advisory positions, including the national strategies on biotechnology. He represents Norway in OECD’s task force on emerging technologies (BNCT). Currently, Marvik is engaged in various initiatives to stimulate the bioeconomy in Norway. This includes opportunities based on improved utilization of traditional feedstocks, new value chains from novel bioresources, as well as carbon capture and reuse. Marvik holds a PhD in molecular and structural biology and a master's degree in business management.


Innovation Norway