WEFTA Dinner 

We keep the WEFTA tradition alive by hosting an unforgetable dinner event. 

Conference dinner:
Conference dinner 495 DKK (appr. 66€)

Included in the price:
Food and drinks and transport to venue from and to hotel/logi


Technical visit

1: Aquaculture and feed production – Eysturoy. Information

This technical visit consists of a bus ride to the beautiful islands of Eysturoy where we will visit the 8th largest salmon company in the world - Bakkafrost.  Perhaps the most iconic aspect of Bakkafrost is that Bakkafrost is the most vertically integrated salmon farming company in the world which gives Bakkafrost full control and responsibility over all aspects of production.  This enables Bakkafrost to have optimal control over the quality of its salmon and the cost of production.

Also we will visit Havsbrún in Fuglafjørður. Havsbrún is a modern, internationally renowned producer of fish meal, fish oil, and fish feed situated in the Faroe Islands. Almost all of the production is used for our own fishfeed, and only a small part is being exported. Havsbrún is recognized as an international market leader with research and development focus and with its own quality assurance laboratory. Havsbrún only selects fish of the highest quality for use in its production. Coupled with our stringent quality assurance protocols, our exacting selection process of raw material ensures a finished product of the highest quality. The quality assurance laboratory at Havsbrún maintains co-operative alliances with research institutions, both locally and internationally, thus assuring a constant flow of relevant, up-to-date knowledge that enables us to produce the best products for the international market.

Technical visit in Eysturoy DKK 700 per person - approx €94. Included in the price:
Transportation from hotel to factory, technical visit and lunch.


2: Groundfish, Klaksvík and pelagic production, Fuglafjørður. Information

This exciting trip is also a bus trip to the capital of the North - Klaksvík - where the second subsea tunnel was finished in 2007. Here we will visit local culture as well have some time to see beautiful scenery. We will visit JFK. JFK runs Kósin, the largest fish factory in the Faroe Islands, situated in Klaksvík. The land based production in the factory is based on a capacity to produce salted fish, frozen fish products as well as fresh fish. The production processes at Kósin are a result of generations of developing expertise and optimisation. The fresh raw material mostly comes from local fishing vessels owned by JFK, since Klaksvík has a strong tradition of being the largest fishing town in the Faroe Islands. 

Also we will visit Pelagos in Fuglafjørður. Pelagos is focusing on maintaining the world-renowned quality of the pelagic fish found in the cold clean waters of the North Atlantic. This is achieved by carefully lifting the fish from the sea and landing it in the same excellent conditions. The quality is then maintained through the modern processing and rigorous control systems, which secure a gentle handling of the fish and thus optimal quality.

Technical visit 2:  DKK 700 per person - approx €94. Included in the price: Transportation from hotel to factory, technical visit and lunch.


3: Pelagic industry - Suðuroy. Information

This trip includes a 2 x 2 hour ferry transport to our southernmost island - Suðuroy, where we will visit the pelagic factory - Varðin Pelagic. Varðin Pelagic is a top modern factory that exports pelagic fish to markets world wide. Varðin is a very important player in the Faroese economy and with its effective and efficient ways of making natural resources into a lucrative busienss, we will be given a tour of the factory. Also on the trip we will enjoy local culture and beautiful sightseeing. As this visit is dependent on the weather conditions due to, this visit might be cancelled if the ferry cancels the trip due to weather conditions, although this is very unlikely.  

Technical visit in Suðuroy costs DKK 800 per person - approx €107. Included in the price:
Transportation from hotel, ferry to factory, technical visit and lunch.